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Workshop on Modelling Archaelogical Data 8.03 - 10.03 2023, Pühajärve, Estonia

OCSEAN Workshop on modelling archaeological data March 8 - 10 in Pühajärve, Estonia brings together researchers from the fields of archaeology, genomics, and data modelling. Scientist from several partner universities and guest presenters gathered to tackle questions of archaeological data modelling possibilities, challenges, and potential new avenues of research. Within two days of presentations, exchange of ideas and brainstorming on current research in the fields of Pacific archaeology, anthropology and data science, the participants explored the avenues of modelling archaeological data with state-of-the-art computational and statistical methods.


Mark Beaumont, University of Bristol

Adrian Bell, University of Utah

Martin Bodner, Medical University, Innsbruck

David Burley, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

Ethan Cochrane, University of Auckland

Phillip Endicott, University of Tartu

Daniel Lawson, University of Bristol

Sèbastien Plutniak, University of Tours

Hugo Reyes-Centanao, University of Kentucky

François-Xavier Ricaut, University of Toulouse

Gaston Rijo de Leon, Institute Pasteur of Paris

Aivar Kriiska, University of Tartu

Bayazit Yunusbajev, University of Tartu

Ragi-Martin Moon, University of Tartu

Maris Niinesalu-Moon, University of Tartu

Phillip Endicott, University of Tartu

The workshop ended with tours in the University of Tartu two main departments contributing to OCSEAN:

1) Department of Archaeology - overview of collections and projects, methods available; and

2) Institute of Genomics - introduction of ancient DNA lab, Estonian Biocenter, Estonian Genome Center.


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