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Summer Training Course

A three month Summer Training Course on Interdisciplinary Research Methods in Probing the Human Past

The main knowledge sharing activities of the Ocsean network are secondments and workshops. A substantial proportion of the secondments are directly related to achieving these goals through the training of collaborators for the collection and analysis of new linguistic data sets, which is the core element of the program of new data acquisition, essential for the success of the Ocsean consortium.

The goal of increasing resolution and coverage of Austronesian languages is tackled directly by the training of indigenous collaborators both in the collection and post-collection of data. This is designed so that all trainees will be present at once so that there is consistency and for economy of resources. Fifty participants including indigenous representatives, cultural workers, and academics from the Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea were invited. The course will take place in Uppsala University, Sweden, from June 15, 2022 until September 12, 2022.

The participants involves ERs and ERSs from each institution so that the experienced people are able to support their junior colleagues and be totally familiar with the processes being communicated. This is followed immediately by the secondees returning to their home countries and commencing fieldwork.

In addition to the training on linguistic data collection, management and archiving, workshops on archeology, anthropology, heritage conservation, and population genetics are also incoporated in the summer course. This provides the participants a holistic appreciation of the various methods and approaches in examining the human past.

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