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OCSEAN first video published - Linguistics Training, to record, to preserve, to explain

The important part of OCSEAN is to create videos that record the course of the project, explain the ideas and show the results.

Here we proudly present the first, capturing the linguistics practice sessions of trainee linguists from Indonesia and Philippines during the Summer School 2022 in Sweden. In this video we learn how word lists are collected, put into practice in linguistics and used in studying human population movements. Why is it partictularly applicable for the Austronesian languages in the Island South East Asia and beyond. We see what is known and hypothesized about the population movements of the Austonesian-speakers so far and how OCSEAN aims to provide new insights into the still open questions and already contributes to preserving the cultural heritage.

We are very greateful for all OCSEAN participants and the wonderful crew from our partner Pomona Pictures where the film was produced. Video is directed by Pierangelo Pirak, filmed by Morgan Maugeri and Davide Pompejano.


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