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A Workshop on Anthropology, Archeology, and Community Heritage

A section of the Summer Training Course on Interdisciplinary Methods in Probing the Human Past held in Uppsala University is a workshop on Anthropology. The aim of the workshop is for the participants to have a well-rounded understanding of the current research in paleoanthropology, heritage preservation, and community archaeology taking place in Southeast Asia.

The content of the course included the following:

1. Paleoanthropology: An overview of the pre-AMH discoveries in Southeast Asia as well as presentations on population genetics, linguistics, and anthropometry.

2. Community Archaeology: This topic covers subjects such as indigenous mythologies, mortuary practices, maritime trade networks, and epistemologies, archaeology of colonial sites, and subjects pertaining to environmental archaeology.

3. Heritage Preservation: This covers methods of cultural heritage management, preservation, digital heritage preservation, and their relevance to local communities.

Instruction was given via a number of visiting speakers in seminar and lecture form, in addition to a number of laboratory tours, practical exercises, and group work and presentations. As part of their educational excursion, the participants visited the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Drottningholm, Falun Mine, and Birka Archeological Site.

Hugo Reyes Centeno, James Keppeler, and John Peterson served as facilitators. Other invited speakers included:

Stephen Acabado, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA

Noel Amano, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Germany

Francisco Datar, University of the Philippines

Philipp Endicott, Musée de L'Homme, France

Macario Lacbawan, Uppsala Univeristy, Sweden

John Ljungkvist, Uppsala University, Sweden

Neil Price, Uppsala University, Sweden

Nicole Revel, Musée de L'Homme, France


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