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Linguistic Workshop held at Uppsala University

The participants for the Summer Training course arrived in Uppsala, Sweden on June 15, 2022. A total of 50 participants from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea attended the 3-month Summer Training course on Interdisciplinary Methods in Probing the Human Past , with Maximilian Larena of the Human Evolution Program, Uppsala University as the overall course coordinator and Ivany Argueta Mejia as the course assistant.

The course started with a one-month Linguistic workshop. The linguist facilitators include George Saad of Palacky University, Hanna Fricke of University of Amsterdam, and Owen Edwards of Leiden University. The workshop provided the participants a comprehensive overview on how to collect and process linguistic data on a target language: lexical data (long wordlist) and textual data. Participants learned how to transcribe the data, and to archive and store it in an accessible and transparent way. Teaching was given in the form of seminars, supervised practice sessions, and unsupervised project work.


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