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Probing the Human Past through a Population Genetics Workshop

A population genetics workshop was held in Uppsala University to give the Summer Training course participants a comprehensive overview and insight regarding human origins and evolutionary history, based on the latest genetic findings that have emerged after the genomic revolution.

The workshop was divided into the following topics:

1. The human genome: A basic introduction on the structure of the DNA and how it is organized and inherited from generation to the next.

2. Application and Methods in Population Genetics: Basic concepts in population genetics as well as summary of methods used in investigating the human past.

3. Human history: Human demographic history starting from migration out of Africa, interaction with Neandertals and Denisovans, introduction of Agriculture, and spread into New Found Lands

4. Phenotypic variation in human populations, ethical principles and the history of race biology: A review of the current ethical framework for human studies and a historical overview that addresses the history of race biology.

Teaching was given in the form of lectures, seminars, group discussions, research facility and museum visits, laboratory exercises, and group project work. The facilitators include Maximilian Larena, Ma. Junaliah Kels, and Concetta Burgarella. Other invited speakers include:

Ivany Jocelyn Argueta Mejia, Uppsala University, Sweden Nicolas Brucato, Toulouse University, France Torsten Günther, Uppsala University, Sweden Hanna Edlund, Forensics Unit, Sweden Mattias Jakobsson, Uppsala University, Sweden Maximilian Larena, Uppsala University, Sweden Magnus Lundgren, Uppsala University, Sweden Carina Schlebusch, Uppsala University, Sweden


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